NYX 211

Lightweight Uncooled Multispectral
Thermal Weapon Sight and Device

  • Integrated Night Camera

  • High Resolution Display

  • Day & Night

  • Highly Durable Structure

  • Lightweight

  • Energy Efficient

The cutting-edge Mepro NYX 200 series is a multispectral sight with 640 x 480, 17μ thermal channel and 640 x 480 day or low-light digital camera channel. The thermal channel detects heat signatures and has superior detection, even in blackout conditions or when the target is disguised. The camera channel— day or low-light— provides the shooter maximum situational awareness, even under the worst of conditions. The day camera channel option allows the shooter to use the Mepro NYX 200 24hrs a day and thus maintain
maximum accuracy at all times. The low-light camera channel allows the shooter to clearly spot targets or look through windows. With the user experience in mind, the Mepro NYX series features an ergonomic design, user-friendly keypad, unique icon-based menus for intuitive navigation and easy operation under all conditions.

The dual use Mepro NYX series were designed to be used as a weapon mounted sight and for
handheld observations. The units can be switched between scenarios without having to re-zero.

Proven advantages:

  • Multispectral sight for maximum view at any darkness level, any environment 24/7
  • Highly robust and reliable. Comply with MIL STD 810
  • Integrated IR pointer for covert operations
  • Long operation time based on 4 commercial AA batteries
Be aware with Mepro Nyx 200 series
Thermal Sensor type 640 x 480, 17µ
2nd Channel Low light camera
Spectral range 8 to 12 microns
Thermal Field-of-View 23.1° x 17.3°
Optical magnification x1
Digital zoom x1, x2 or x4
Focus range 5m to Infinity
Display type OLED, 640×480
Eye relief 30 mm
 Display type  OLED, Display resolution 640×512
 Eye relief  30 mm
 Diopter adjustment  +2 to – 6
 Video out Video over USB
Battery type 4 standard “AA” batteries (Lithium / Alkaline / Rechargeable NiMH)
External power (optional) 9V TO 12V DC
Operation time Up to 7 hours (“AA” lithium)
Dimensions (LxWxH) < 175 x 68 x 90 mm
Weight (w/o batteries) < 680 g



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