• Which sight should I purchase for my firearm?

    Our website has the What is Your Aim advanced search engine that shows you the best desired aiming solution for your firearm. If you still need a recommendation about which of the aiming solutions listed are best for you, give us a call us at 717-985-4488 and select the technical support option.

  • Where can I buy your products near me?

    Choose the Dealer Locator option on our website to find a dealer near you. You can also ask your local retailer to contact us to become a direct Meprolight Dealer. If you wish to buy our aiming solutions online, we have listed our online business partners on the bottom of the Dealer Locator page.

  • How do I purchase your products directly from you online?

    We do not sell our products directly on our website. To purchase our products online, please visit one of our online retail partners (listed in the bottom of the Dealer Locator page). If you have trouble finding one or need our assistance, you can call us at 717-985-4488 and the select the technical support option


  • How long will the illumination on my night sight/optic last?

    Our tritium illuminated night sights and optics should last about 15 years before the tritium naturally degrades.

  • What is the warranty on your products?

    Night sights and optics have a 12-year warranty on the tritium illumination. There is a one year warranty on manufacturing defects for all other elements in our sights and optics.

  • How do I return one of your products under warranty?

    Email us at support@meprolight.us or through the CONTACT US function on the website. We will first correspond with you to verify that it is indeed a warranty situation. We will then email you a form that needs to be completed and returned to us for processing. You will be then issued an RMA number and instructions for returning the product to our facility for inspection. You will need to write the RMA number on the outside of the package and you are responsible for shipping it to us. Once we receive it, our techs will inspect it and if the product is defective and within the warranty policy, it will be replaced. Turnaround time is 10 business days, but it usually takes less than that.

  • Can you repair my optic?

    If your optic is defective and falls within our warranty policy, it will be replaced/repaired.

  • Can the tritium in my sight or optic be replaced or recharged?

    The tritium in night sights, FT Bullseyes, or in the Mepro M21 or Mepro MOR cannot be replaced or recharged. The sight or optic will still work just fine in lit conditions, but will not illuminate in low or no light conditions.

  • There is a halo or blurring around the reticle of my optic. Is it broken?

    Probably Not.  Your optic has multiple settings for you to choose the correct brightness for any situation. Most people tend to set the reticle brightness too high, which will cause a halo.  It should be just bright enough to see without distracting you or unnecessarily obscuring your target.



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